● What is Bitfishcoin?
I define Bitfishcoin as a speculative online game currency, not a cryptocurrency.
BTSC is as useless as any other crap altcoin they all have in common is speculation. Why People Are Rushing To Buy The Next New Altcoin! Because often the first comers can get higher profits than BTC in these garbage, this is a speculative game.
*The above conclusions come from my participation and research on some altcoins, as well as my practice on LTRM. If you want to know, he is here https://altcoin-master.github.io/litoreum/whitepaper.html

● What is the use of BTSC?
If BTSC is defined as a cryptocurrency, he must be another piece of garbage, but if defined as a speculative game, it is obvious that his reward mechanism and APR etc. are excellent. BTSC wants to bring passive income to people, including myself of course. That's what I call making money from trash!
BTSC is just the beginning, an experiment. I'll make CTSC, DTSC, or ETSC once that progresses. You can understand that BTSC is like the first district of the online game World of Warcraft. Of course there will be two and three districts.
So what BTSC is going to do will definitely make many people hate me, but if it can make many people make money, I am willing to do it!

● So how to earn passive income through BTSC?
I divide people involved in BTSC into three categories: Three character occupations in the game
1. Miner (POW), Strength +100
The miners have nothing to say, they sell it after digging, and they will not lose money.
2. Node (POS), Speed +100
Node participants need to have clear judgment, by referring to APR https://altcoin-master.github.io/bitfishcoin/smartnodes.html, and market trading volume to judge the right time to sell. At the same time, it needs to be sold in a dispersed manner, otherwise it will not be sold at a good price.
3. Trader, Intelligence +100
Traders need extremely high patience and strong psychological quality in this speculative game. Because the circulating market value is small and the volatility is large, the risk and return are really directly proportional.
*No matter which of the above careers you are in, or both, what I say is definitely not enough, you still need to learn.

● So whose money are we making?
Obviously it's not your own money, but other people's money, and all financial markets are making money from others. But this is not a simple zero-sum game. Don’t ignore the economic cycle, the alternation of bull and bear markets. Generally speaking, you need to buy in a bear market and sell in a bull market, but few people can really understand and do this.
If you don't have a clear head, strong patience and psychological quality, then you may be unlucky to lose money. Why am I so sure, because I used to be that unlucky guy !
Advice to the unlucky: stop, think, learn, knowledge is money. Or simply leave the speculative game.

● Coin Info:
   No premine
   No ICO
   Total supply: 21,000,000,000
   Algo: GhostRider
   Reward distribution: Miners 50%, Smartnodes 45%, Developers 5%
   Block time: 2 minutes

● Block Reward Rules:
   0 - 720         4 BTSC (first day)
   721-552812   5000 BTSC
   > 552812      Dynamic reduction, about reduced 10 BTSC per month

● Smartnodes Collateral Rules:
           0 - 100000    200,000 BTSC
   100001 - 200000   400,000 BTSC
   200001 - 300000   600,000 BTSC
   300001 - 400000   800,000 BTSC
   400001 - forever    1,000,000 BTSC