● What is Litoreum?
Altcoins are like one big dump, most of which are useless garbage, and some garbage may still have recycling value. Litoreum is like a street sign for this dump, telling people that this is a dump. Litoreum is currently useless and may still be useless in the future.

● Since it is useless, why create Litoreum?
Many people have been active in altcoins for a long time, because smart people can make more profits from altcoins than BTC. Some have seen altcoins for what they are, but many have not. So I created a useless Litoreum, hoping to wake up those who didn't see clearly, sober! Because most altcoins are scams and survive because there are trading profits in them. Once the profit disappears, these altcoins will go to the grave, and the losers will naturally be those who have not seen it clearly!

● What can Litoreum do?
Litoreum is a fork of RTM, so it also inherits mining and nodes, and can also be traded on exchanges!
If you think the above is not the answer you want, I think you didn't see clearly. Most coins, especially altcoins, serve no real purpose other than being used for mining, nodes, and transactions. In other words, the real use is profitable and can maintain stable development. Most of the white papers and roadmaps you see are just scams. Don't simply think that combining altcoins with games and payments can achieve profitability and stable development. Go and see, many fund coins have already done this, and even more, but the result is that the funds flow into the pockets of several people. However, the coin didn't really take off and the community kept bleeding. People are still discussing in the community every day that our price is stable, our development is very good, and our goal is about to be achieved, but they ignore the huge risks, or, these discussions are just a means of fraud, in order to attract more Many people come in.

● Coin Info:
   No premine
   No ICO
   Total supply: To be determined
   Algo: GhostRider
   Block time: 2 minutes

● Block Reward Rules:
  block < 100000  5000 LTRM
100001 - 200000  Min 4000 LTRM
200001 - 300000  Min 3000 LTRM
300001 - 400000  Min 2000 LTRM
400001 - 500000  Min 1000 LTRM
  block > 500000  1 KH/s = 1 LTRM

● Block Reward Distribution Rules: (DEV 5%)
   Block height           Miners        Nodes
            0 - 5761          95%           0%
      5762 - 200000      75%         20%
   200001 - 300000      65%         30%
   300001 - 400000      55%         40%
   400001 - forever       45%         50%

● Smartnodes Collateral Rules:
   0 - 20000            100,000 LTRM
   20001 - 100000    200,000 LTRM
   100001 - 200000   400,000 LTRM
   200001 - 300000   600,000 LTRM
   300001 - 400000   800,000 LTRM
   400001 - forever    1,000,000 LTRM