● What is Tai Chi?
Before understanding TaiChiCoin, you need to understand Tai Chi first, especially the philosophy of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a philosophical concept in Chinese culture, black and white, day and night, yin and yang, bull and bear, which operate alternately to maintain balance. There are many Tai Chi enthusiasts and practitioners around the world. Especially Alibaba's Jack Ma, film and television star Jet Li, etc., they have successfully injected Tai Chi culture into Alibaba's corporate culture, created a Tai Chi Zen subsidiary, and shot related movies.

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● What is Taichicoin?
Taichicoin is the first innovative experimental project that integrates the concept of Taichi philosophy into cryptocurrency. This concept can achieve self-supply and demand balance without external intervention, such as developing internal ecology, or introducing external applications, etc., which do not require , so as to achieve the real and only purpose: a decentralized currency.

The core concept of Taichicoin is "fairness", which is similar to when Satoshi created BTC. Satoshi Nakamoto wrote that 1 CPU = 1 vote in the BTC white paper, but this mechanism has already been broken, so I created 1 KH/s = 1 coin as an alternative.

Another core of TaiChiCoin is "balance", In TCC, the reward of each block is linked to the network hash. When the price rises, more miners are bound to join, so the network hash increases, which drives the increase of block rewards. When these increased rewards When it is sold in the market, the price will drop, so some miners will leave, and the network hash and reward will drop. Therefore, the selling pressure in the market decreases, which drives a new round of rise, such a cyclical cycle, to achieve a balance between supply and demand.
In fact, that's pretty much how our financial markets work today, and even society as a whole, where people invest and spend the income they earn at work, and it seems like a balanced cycle. But I have to admit that the current balance has long been broken. We know that someone can easily manipulate this seemingly balanced market without being noticed, which will cause hard-working people to not get their due compensation, so balance and fairness only exist on the surface. But in Taichicoin, Everyone can only get a fixed return through fixed productivity, and this balance and fairness are transparent and unmanipulable.

● Coin Info:
   No premine
   No ICO
   Total supply: To-Be-Determined
   Algo: GhostRider
   Block time: 2 minutes
   Reward distribution: Miners 49%, Smartnodes 49%, Developers 2%

● Block Reward Rules:
   1 KH/s = 1 TCC

● Smartnodes Collateral Rules:
           0 - 100000    200,000 TCC
   100001 - 200000   400,000 TCC
   200001 - 300000   600,000 TCC
   300001 - 400000   800,000 TCC
   400001 - forever    1,000,000 TCC